BSCI 410     Molecular Genetics       Fall 2017
Section 0101       Steve Mount

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BSCI410 is an advanced course in genetics for majors. Students will acquire a high level of understanding of gene structure and function, and will learn modern approaches to the genetics of humans and model organisms. Students will understand the nature of genetic information and its transmission, and will be able to apply their understanding to novel situations. Students will understand modern methods of genetic analysis, including molecular methods, and will be able to apply their understanding to a large variety of biological problems. Students will understand how to obtain genotype information, and will be able to say what it implies, and what it does not imply. Students will learn how to critically evaluate new research results in genetics.

Class Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 in BPS 1250, August 29 through December 7.

Exam dates: September 21, October 24, November 16 and December 13 (the final exam, at 8 a.m.).
Exams are held in the classroom. See the schedule for a list of units and dates. A syllabus is also available (PDF).

Grades: 80% of your grade will be based on exams, three hour exams and a final. Exam grades are normalized in order to weigh all exams equally and rank students in the class fairly, but your final letter grade will be based on how well you do individually (i.e. the grades will not be determined by a "curve"). The remaining 20% of your grade will be based on additional assignments (mostly online quizzes). Grading is described in more detail here

Canvas is used to distribute online content, for announcements and for the posting of grades.
Course documents on Canvas are all linked to from the schedule.
In addition, we will make extensive use of Google Docs for discussions and review, and all students will be required to access a wide variety of public web sites for some assignments.

Texts (Meneely is required; Hartwell is recommended.)

  • Genetic Analysis: Genes, Genomes and Networks in Eukaryotes by Phil Meneely, Second edition
  • Hartwell et. al, Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, 5th edition.

  • Additional readings from the literature or online will be listed on the schedule, and may require access through Canvas.

    Online quizzes should be taken by the date specified on that assignment. Note that the day of the week (and time of day) when quizzes are due may differ. Many (but not all) will also have a late deadline (for less credit). All will be available as practice quizzes (no credit) after the deadline.

    Office Hours (Steve Mount):
    By appointment. If you would like to come to office hours, please contact me by email.
    Once we have made an appointment, I am likely to share the date and time with others (unless you tell me that you would like a private meeting).
    I also answer questions posed by email. Answers to questions through email may be shared with the entire class, either in the classroom, as announcements in Canvas, or on the Google docs; in those cases, your name will not be shared.
    The grader will be available after exams are handed back so that you will have chance to discuss the grading of your assignments.

    Advice from students who did well in a previous year. I asked the students who did best in the class to share how they prepared for exams. The bottom line is that it's very important to read the book.

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