BSCI 410     Molecular Genetics       Fall 2017
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Your grade will be based on five parts, totalling 500 points:

  • 60% mid-term exams(20% for each of three)
  • 40% for the final (two sections, 20% each).
  • 20% other assignments (mostly online quizzes)
  • -20% because the lowest exam grade will be dropped.

    Grades for each exam will be normalized as described below, and all subsequent calculations will be based on the normalized scores.

    The purpose of normalization is to weigh each of the hour exams equally and to rank students in the class fairly. There is no set quota for any grade. It's possible for everyone to get an A if you all do well. I will tell the class after each exam approximately where the breakpoint is for each letter grade on that exam.

    At the end of the term, Canvas will automatically drop your lowest of the five exam grades (three hour exams and two sections of the final exam).

    An average of 93 (465 out of 500) will guarantee an A of some sort (i.e. this is the A-/B+ boundary), 82 (or 410) a B of some sort, 71 (or 355) a C of some sort, and 60 (or 300) a D. It is possible for these thresholds to be lower if we feel that everyone has performed well.

    Exams (80%). There will be three hour exams and a final exam. There will be a brief review session in the last class before each exam, and there will be online review. The final will be given on Wednesday, Dec. 13 from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. (I did not select this time!).

    In order to make a fair comparison among different exams and students, we will normalize the scores for each of the five parts to a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 10. Your normalized score for each exam will be:

    (10/s)(X-m+8s) = 80 + (X-m)(10/s)

    where X is your score, m is the mean, and s the standard deviation.

    Bottom line: Normalization is about weighting all exams equally and ranking students in the class fairly. Your final grade will be based on a subjective evaluation of your performance that takes into consideration your ranking in the class. On Canvas, you will see "Exam raw" and "Exam credit." The latter is your normalized score, which will be used to calculate your final grade.

    There will be about 20 online assignments (mostly quizzes). Scoring will vary, but each will be worth 5 points.

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