BSCI 410     Molecular Genetics       Fall 2017
Section 0101       Steve Mount

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Required text: Philip Meneely
Advanced Genetic Analysis: Genes, Genomes and Networks in Eukaryotes.

You will be assigned required readings from this book throughout the course, and we will cover the entire book. The course is organized around this book. With minor exceptions, we will cover the chapters in Meneely in order.

Second edition Oxford University Press, the publisher's web site.

Recommended text: Hartwell's "Genetics: From Genes to Genomes." 5th edition.

Complete Information:

"Genetics: From Gene to Genomes"
Hartwell, Goldberg, Fischer, Hood and Aquadro. 2014


It is important to have some textbook that covers aspects of genetics not reviewed in Meneely. I realize that this text is absurdly expensive. However, much of the content in here is critical. I expect there to be copies on reserve, and we will work together to find alternative sources for information covered in Hartwell. We will not use any supplemental materials and none are recommended.

Additional books.
These are the books that I consult when preparing my lectures. Of course, you will not be responsible for anything in these books that is not also in the main text or explicitly mentioned in class.

- Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell. Garland. 2014 (6th edition). 
An (very much) earlier edition of the book is online at NCBI.

- Strachan and Read. Human Molecular Genetics 4 (HMG4) Wiley. 2011. 
This excellent book is a nice supplement for human genetics. I consult it regularly and will present some material from it.

- Griffiths et al., Introduction to Genetic Analysis. Freeman. Seventh Edition 2000.
Available online at NCBI. I use it especially for linkage and the Poisson distribution.

- Gibson and Muse, A Primer of Genome Science. Sinauer. 2009. (This is the Third edition)
A source for Genomics.

- Molecular Biology of the Gene. Watson et al. 2013 (7th edition).

- Recombinant DNA: Genes and Genomes - A short course. 2007. Watson, Myers, Caudy and Witkowski.

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